Casio PX-S5000


Casio PX-S5000

De meest compacte digitale piano ter wereld, mét houten toetsen.

Showroom in Lier

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CS68 - Stand op maat voor PXS5000

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Model Name     PX-S5000
Keyboard Number of Keys   88
  Key Action   Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard
  Key Material   Hybrid of wood and resin
  Touch Response   5 sensitivity levels, off
  88-Key Digital Scaling   Yes
  Hammer Response   Yes (4 levels, off)
  Key Off Response   Yes (3 levels)
Tones Polyphony (maximum)   192
  Number of Built-in Tones   23
    Grand Piano Tones 3
    Best-Hit Pianos -
    Various Pianos -
    Classic E. Pianos 1 -
    Classic E. Pianos 2 -
    Other Tones, GM Other Piano 7, E. Piano 4, Bass (lower range only) 1, Others 8
  Tone Modification   -
  Sound Source   Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR
  Layer    Yes
  Split   Yes (Bass sound only for lower range, with fixed split point)
String Resonance   Yes (4 levels, off)
  Damper Resonance   Yes (4 levels, off)
  Open String Resonance   -
  Aliquot Resonance   -
  Key Action Noise   Yes (4 levels, off)
  Damper Noise   Yes (4 levels, off)
Sound Mode Hall Simulator / Reverb Hall Simulator 4, Reverb 8
    Surround 2
  Piano Position   -
  DSP   Yes (Preset for some tones)
  Microphone Effect   -
  Headphone Mode   Yes
Accompaniment Arpeggiator   -
Connection to App   CASIO MUSIC SPACE
    Piano Remote Controller Yes
  Bluetooth feature   Included: Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor
Bluetooth Version 5.0
    Audio Profile: A2DP; Codec: SBC
    MIDI Profile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth® Low Energy)
  MIDI Recorder / Playback   2 tracks (1 system track + 1 track), 1 song
  Audio Record-er / Play-back USB Flash Drive Yes
    Internal Flash Memory -
  Metronome   Off, 1 to 9 beats, tempo range: 20 to 255
    Tempo Marking Setting Yes
    Guide Type Metronome
  Pedals   Included: SP-3
Optional 3-pedal unit: SP-34
damper (continuously variable), soft, sostenuto
    Continuously Variable Pedal (damper pedal) Yes (Optional 3-pedal unit (SP-34))
  Scale Tuning (Temperament)   Equal temperament + 16 variations
(Left of keyboard)
Pitch Bend Wheel -
    Knob -
    Control Button -
    EX Button -
  Others   ・Touch buttons: 6
・Auto Power Off
Display     -
MIDI     Yes (Using USB port B)
Headphones   PHONES: 2 (Stereo mini phone jack (Mini TRS phone)
  Pedal   1 (Damper)
  Connector for 3-pedal Unit    
  LINE OUT   2 L/MONO, R (Standard phone jack (TS phone))
  MIC IN   -
  USB Type A    Yes  (Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor compatible)
  USB Type B    Yes
Acoustics Spatial Sound System   -
  Amp output   8W + 8W
  [16cm x 8cm (oval)] x  2
Power Supply AC Adaptor   AD-A12150LW
  Battery Drive   AA-size alkaline x 6
    Continuous Battery Life Approximately 4 hours
Dimen-sions  w/o accessories 1,322 x 232 x 102 mm
      1,324 x 366 x 740 mm
Weight w/o accessories, batteries   11.5 kg
  w/ optional or fixed stand,
w/music rest, w/o batteries
  23.2 kg
Compatible Optional Stand     CS-68P
Body Color     Black
Piano Cover     -
Included Accessories     Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10), pedal (SP-3), music stand, 
AC adaptor (AD-A12150LW)
Compatible Soft Case     SC-800P, SC-900P
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