Hailun H5

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Hailun H5

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Cabinet Height    125 cm

Width    150 cm
Depth    59 cm
Weight    248 kg
Color    Black Mahogany and polished
Plate    Wet sand cast, full perimeter for strength and tuning stability
Hammer Felt    German quality FFW felt, Wurzen Co., Germany. Cold pressed felt hammers, Mahogany hammer molding
Strings    German Röslau, Copper-steel bead, Steel Pressure Bar for cleaner termination and clarify in treble, Bass: Agraffes No. 1 Bass String Speaking Length: 122 cm
Soundboard    1,891 square inches-all mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
Pin Block    Multi-laminate 17 layers maple
Tuning Pins    #45 steel, chromium sealed
Ribs    11 quarter sawn spruce
Backposts    4
Action    Hailun Performance Plus design European hornbeam
Action Rail    Hard maple
Hammers    German quality FFW felt, Wurzen Co., Germany. Cold pressed felt hammers; Mahogany hammer molding
Keys    Naturals – Laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstains; weighted and balanced. Sharps – Ebony wood
Bridges    Solid maple – hand notched
Bass Bridge    Solid maple
Casters    Double solid brass
Pedals    Solid brass Soft – sustaining – Mute
Features    Cabinet top: split-lid with brass hinge; Front open; Fallboard: slow close